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Latest News

Proposed New Land Court Rule: Binding Summary Decision after Bench Trial3/14/2016

The Land Court has asked REBA members who practice before the Court to offer comments on a proposed new Rule 14 to streamline some of a broad array of cases that come before the Court. The proposed Rule is part of an initiative throughout the Trial Court to develop innovative and cost-effective litigation options. The Court's working group, which developed the proposed new rule, included REBA members Diane Rubin, Tom Moriarty and Giles Krill, as well as Court staff, judges and others. more >>

REBA 2015 Dues and Lobbying Activities2/9/2016

Many REBA members deduct the cost of their annual dues as a business or professional expense subject to restrictions imposed by law. Section 162 (e) of the Internal Revenue Code requires REBA to disclose to members the portion of their dues payments that are attributable to lobbying activities and therefore not deductible. more >>

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