2018 REBA Spring Conference
Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Four Points by Sheraton Hotel
1125 Providence Highway, Norwood, MA

REBA's all-day 2018 Spring Conference includes 10 hour-long, CLE-accredited breakout sessions, as well as a networking luncheon and plenary session.  To register, complete the form on the last page of the Conference Brochure and return it with payment to the REBA office.  You may also register online or by phone at (617) 854-7555.

A few highlights of this program include….

  Stephen Puleo returns to the REBA conference podium after a well-received luncheon keynote address at the 2014 Spring Conference. A prolific author, historian, university teacher and public speaker, his recent books include American Treasures; The Caning: The Assault That Drove America to Civil War; and A City So Grand: The Rise of an American Metropolis, Boston 1850-1900.

The 2018 recipient of the REBA Richard B. Johnson Award TBA.

  The 10 hour-long educational breakout session are accredited by the RIMCLE for up to 60 minutes of ethics and 180 minutes of general credits, or 240 minutes of general credits.  See details below...
  Auditing & Administering Commercial Leases: Traps for the Unwary
  Peter F. Granoff; Michael Holiday
  Today’s office and retail commercial leases are increasingly complex. Sophisticated commercial leases present a myriad of interrelationships among clauses within the lease (i.e., assignment/sublet, use, signage, and alteration clauses, or indemnification and insurance clauses), as well as between a commercial lease and other documents bearing upon a development project, such as financing, insurance and title documents, and construction requirements, which are not attached to a lease but which can affect its negotiation. These complexities are not limited to major office building, shopping mall or mixed-use developments, reflected in a typical 110-page lease, but also appear in smaller projects as well, reflected in shorter documents. This panel will focus on these various complexities, and consider how counsel to landlords and tenants can address these matters during lease review and negotiation to avoid “traps for the unwary.”
  New Marijuana Laws & Smoke-free Housing: The Impact of Recreational & Medical Marijuana
  Kate Moran Carter; Adam D. Fine
  This program will focus on how to structure a mixed-use commercial development through a condominium or ground lease ownership structure to address financing, land use, and other issues in connection with such a development. Our panelists will discuss the pros and cons of condo establishment and ownership, ground or master lease structure, fee ownership of separate parcels, and subdivision/combination of parcels. They will also explore examples of developments utilizing these strategies.
  Digging into the New Deed Indexing Standards
  Richard P. Howe Jr.; Mary Olberding
  Our panelists will highlight the changes made in the 2018 version of the Indexing Standards. They will also discuss how new statutes, court decisions and technology, along with public policy considerations, influenced this newest version of the Indexing Standards. The session will provide ample time for questions about the Standards and other registry-related matters. The Register in Hampshire County, Mary Olberding is the current President of the Massachusetts Register of Deeds Association. A long-time contributor to REBA News and Register at Middlesex North, Dick Howe edited the Indexing Standards.
  Hot Topics in Landlord/Tenant Law: Fast & Furious Version
  Kenneth A. Krems; Ted S. Papadopoulos; G. Emil Ward 
  In this session, you will learn about several hot topics in residential landlord/tenant law...at a rapid pace! Crammed into 60 minutes, you will hear from tried and experienced lawyers in the industry regarding security deposit claims/compliance, rent escrow, handling reasonable accommodation requests, water/sewer charges to tenants, marijuana in leased dwellings, and airbnb and other transient/subletting issues. Upon completion, you will be better prepared to advise your clients and navigate them through summary process waters.
  Navigating Real Estate Broker Commission Disputes
  Robert L. Bell Jr.; Michael F. McDonagh
  Broker commission disputes can impact transactions and sometimes delay a closing. Our panelists will counsel you on handling these thorny issues. The session will include a discussion on recent case law, procuring cause factors, agency relationships, offers of compensation and more. Learn about the services and requirements imposed on real estate brokers and salespersons from the Multiple Listing Service and the Realtor Association, including mandatory arbitration, mediation, and ombudsman services. 
  Ethics of Remote Offices and Shared Office Space
  Heidi S. Alexander; Joseph S. Berman; Stacey A. L. Best
  Our panelists will discuss the practical and ethical aspects of 21st century office sharing. Technology has provided great opportunities to improve client service while allowing lawyers to operate efficiently. The panel will explain some of the cutting-edge technologies and systems that can enhance your practice. At the same time, new technology has created some unique ethical issues in addition to issues that arise from more traditional office-sharing arrangements. Our ethical experts will explain how to ensure that your use of technology complies with your ethical obligations.
  Recent Developments in Massachusetts Case Law
  Philip S. Lapatin
  Now in his 40th year at these meetings, Phil continues to draw a huge crowd with this session. Attending his presentation on Recent Developments in Massachusetts Case Law is a must for any practicing real estate lawyer. Phil is the 2008 recipient of the Association’s highest honor, the Richard B. Johnson Award.
  Surveys and Plans: What Helps Your Client
  ~ A Practical Skills Session
  Patricia M. Carlson; Michael A. Feldman; Paul R. Foley
  This interactive session will shed light on the different kinds of surveys and plans that are useful when closing real estate deals. There will be insights from the perspectives of a professional land surveyor, underwriting counsel from a major national title insurance underwriter, and the CEO of Boston’s largest survey firm.  Our panelists will provide answers to many of the questions you have had regarding title and survey.
  Affordable Housing Restrictions: Potential Pitfalls for Practitioners
  ~ A Practical Skills Session
  John M. Donnelly Jr.; Kurt A. James; Robert J. Moriarty Jr.
  Traversing the maze of affordable housing restrictions can be complicated and confusing. Learn how to identify, review and understand the basic forms of multifamily and homeownership restrictions, the statutory framework for restrictions, the effect of foreclosure on restrictions, and enforcement tools and challenges. This will provide a useful guide for practitioners, title attorneys, title examiners and title insurers.
  Conveying Real Estate Out of Probate
  ~ A Practical Skills Session
  Noel M. Di Carlo; Jennifer A. Maggiacomo; Evelyn J. Patsos
  Our speakers are at the forefront of educating and understanding the MUPC. They will introduce the important elements of Testacy, Successors and Administration (TSA) that may be necessary to convey title to real estate out of an estate. They will also discuss formal and informal estates, who is empowered to convey, and what you need for a closing or the review of a title examination with a probated estate in the back title. Our panelists will share their knowledge, walk you through some fact patterns and show you how these concepts apply to actual scenarios which you may encounter in your practice
We look forward to seeing you in Norwood on Tuesday, May 1st!